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Strada Marsala, 132
car hire from/to Trapani Marsala airport
car rental - Marsala airport
car rental from/to Palermo airport
Touristic area:
Suburbs - Nord Zone
Rental car

Short-term car rental for your holidays in Marsala: The answer to your every need.

Short-term car rental to individuals for a holiday or short-term rental for a company commitment, the duration is up to you! It has happened to everyone, the need for a car rental for a single event (work or private), or for a holiday.

We offer you the most convenient and fastest solution that adapts to your every travel need.

At AUTODELTA, you will always find an ideal combination for your short-term rental! The price is very affordable and the car is delivered to you wherever you want. Short-term car rental is an easy and convenient solution, which allows you to better manage your time and your needs.

AUTODELTA.IT S.R.L. offers short-term private car rental and short-term car rental for companies. The fee is always, rigorously, all inclusive.

Your short-term car rental will not give you any nasty surprises.

Interest information

Car deliveries in Vincenzo Florio Airport (Marsala - Trapani)

Car deliveries in Falcone Borsellino Airport (Palermo)

Also available for 9-seater coach hire with delivery to Vincenzo Florio di Birgi airport (Marsala - Trapani) or Falcone e Borsellino airport (Palermo)

for any info H24 call +39 328 5684 781


37.930935692761, 12.549989079728


Calcola Percorso


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