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A paradise for kitesurf lovers

If you are a lover of Wind and KiteSurf Sports, then you should already know that Marsala is the perfect city in Italy to practice Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, and also Wing Foil with qualified instructors!

Those who practice KiteSurf will surely have heard of the "Isole dello Stagnone" Nature Reserve, a municipality called Stagnone Kite, Stagnone Kitesurf, or even Kitesurfing Stagnone. Here, you are kiting in one of the most beautiful Italian locations, among the salt flats, windmills, islands, and incredible sunsets, and in total safety!

The Stagnone Lagoon of Marsala is the perfect place to sport because the water is constantly low and consistently flat, and it is almost always supported by wind 300 days a year! These conditions are exactly what experienced Kiters looks for, but also for you neophytes out there as well!

In fact, there are many spots inside the Lagoon to sport: it is an area highly appreciated by all fans of these activities, and they are coming from all over Europe!

Let yourself be pushed by the wind to Marsala!

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