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Marsala is unique for infinite reasons, let us tell you just a few!

Do you already know what makes Marsala a unique city? Discover 9 reasons to visit Marsala

Marsala is one of those destinations that never disappoints. Because, whatever the time of year, it always gives you good reasons to come and have fun. Choose yours and plan an unforgettable trip!

Discover Marsala

Discover what to see and do in Marsala and the tourist areas of the city

Are you planning to escape from the routine and still don't know what to see in Marsala? This Mediterranean city offers more than 2,000 years of history, green spaces, museums and historic buildings, a lively historic center with many clubs with terraces to enjoy the sun, long beaches of crystalline sand, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and diving in the splendid waters of the Egadi. The list is long, but here you will find a selection of essential things to see and do in Marsala.

Museums and Monuments in Marsala

Marsala is a city full of Monuments and Museums that tell the history and culture of a city disputed by many peoples. Throughout the city, wherever you are, you can admire monuments and open-air excavations. Since the city of Marsala boasts a thousand-year history, it means that all these museums and monuments are located in spaces that have an increasingly interesting and eclectic architecture, ranging from Phoenician-Punic, to Baroque up to the latest trends in more contemporary architecture. . Discovering them is like savoring the soul of Marsala's culture.

Marsala wine

The birth of Marsala wine, as we know it today, is the result of a particular chain of events. It was the intuition of brilliant businessmen and the great potential of a treasure that has remained hidden for centuries.

Its history is rather curious as the fame of the wine is attributed to an Englishman named John Woodhouse, who, in 1773, was forced to dock at the port of Marsala due to a strong storm.

North Zone Beaches

North Zone Lungomare Beaches - Stagnone Reserve, San Teodoro, Marausa

The northern beaches on ​​the Marsala coast start from the Stagnone Nature Reserve.  These are beaches made up more suitable for children, with low tides and consequently the highest sea temperature.  They are located inside or adjacent to the protected area of ​​the reserve, where, in addition to swimming, you can relax and admire the nature that surrounds you.

South Zone Beaches

The southern beaches of ​​Marsala are just a few kilometers from the center and it has numerous attractions. They are 14km of long sandy beaches with all the kinds of amenities that you can imagine. The beaches are free and with bathing establishments with all comforts.  There is access for animals, restaurants, bars, and lots of fun.  Now it's up to you to choose!

To get here you can take the bus, a private car, or by more ecological means such as bicycles or e-bikes.

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