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Do you want to visit the Egadi Islands?

Plan your Excursion to the Egadi Islands:

Below we provide you with some advice on how to reach the Egadi Islands from Marsala!

The Egadi archipelago is located in the extreme west of Sicily, in fact they are perfectly observable from the seafront of the city of Marsala.

Its main islands are: Favignana, Levanzo, and Marettimo and some other minor islands.

The Egadi islands are a perfect destination for lovers of Mediterranean landscapes, for lovers of snorkelling, sailing, and long walks immersed in nature, thanks to the possibility to observe wonderful panoramas!

But their richness doesn't stop there: the beaches of the archipelago are certainly unmissable, thanks to the presence of large cliffs, white beaches with coves, suggestive caves and crystal clear water, from which it is often possible to observe the seabed full of life.

How to reach them?

The best tours to visit the islands from Marsala:

The Egadi islands can be reached in various ways: for example, it is possible to rent a boat or a dinghy for whole days, visiting the most suggestive coves, caves and beaches of the islands, and making frequent stops to dive into the blue waters of the archipelago. It is possible to book an excursion and customize the itinerary according to your requests.

From the port of Marsala there are ferries and hydrofoils that reach all three islands in a short time. It is also possible to rent a sailboat or reach the archipelago on a one-day mini-cruise, that offers various boats and high standard  equipment.

Don't miss the experience of visiting the Egadi islands from Marsala, a paradise at your fingertips!

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