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"Isole dello Stagnone" Nature Reserve

C/da Spagnola, s.n.
The heron:  Nature Reserve "Isole dello Stagnone"
In the morning:   Stagnone Natural Reserve
Reserve boats of the Stagnone
Stagnone:  Seafront Reserve
The sunset pier at the Stagnone
Low tide sunset seafront of the Stagnone
Sunset in the natural reserve:  Stagnone
North promenade

A paradise of rare beauty.

The Oriented Natural Reserve of the "Isole dello Stagnone" is located just 5 km from the city.

Pure nature, breathtaking sunsets, walks and bike rides, boat trips, and visits to the islands of "Mothia" and "Santa Maria" are the perfect opportunity to switch off for a while.  The Stagnone allows you to enjoy the nature that surrounds you.  This urban oasis is surrounded by flamingos, salt pans, and windmills.

In the past, the reserve was a strategically important place for Phoenician trade, thanks to the presence of "Mozia."  It was neglected until a few centuries later when it came under Spanish rule.

One of its many characteristics is certainly the wonderful sunsets, which create reflections of warm and enveloping colors.

This place keeps the ancient salt road alive:  The salt pans are still present and active, making the view of the panorama even more fascinating.  Together with the windmills, that are the icing on the cake, create an enchanting landscape. It is possible to enjoy the magic of Stagnone over a glass of wine, thanks to the presence of numerous bars.

Along the coast of the Stagnone Reserve are some very popular sports in Marsala: Kitesurfing and windsurfing.  Many tourists from all over Europe come to Marsala for this very reason.  There are in fact numerous schools that teach them or that allow you to rent equipment.

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It is possible to visit the Stagnone Nature Reserve by bicycle, or, if you are an animal lover - you can do it on horseback.


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Riserva Naturale "Isole dello Stagnone"

Calcola Percorso

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