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Kilometers of beaches, sports, and entertainment

Beaches in Marsala: urban or wild, the choice is yours!  

Choose the beach or beaches that suit you best!  If you are a lover of golden sand landscapes by the sea, have the idea of ​​being lulled by the salty water of the Mediterranean, or want to relax on your towel in the sun, or under an umbrella with a drink nearby, then your place in the world is on the beaches of Marsala.  On the other hand, if you like to move, swim, or practice water sports, there is kite-surfing, wind-surfing, and canoeing, all while breathing in the salty air with the wind in your hair.

There are urban beaches, a stone's throw from the city center and full of restaurants and leisure facilities, and with a very wide promenade.  The surrounding area is right in the natural reserve of the "Isole dello Stagnone."  So, if you are starting to hear the sound of the waves and smelling the salty smell, you just have to open your eyes and enjoy it because you have discovered your next destination!

14 kilometers of sand and sea  

Did you know that Marsala has almost 14 kilometers of beaches and many islands waiting for you?  That's right, just choose where you want to go and come with the time to get to know them all!  They are ideal for giving free rein to your adventurous side or they can give you a more secluded and romantic streak.  To combine swimming and hiking or to enjoy a privileged climate with your favorite pet, there are a thousand possibilities open to you to bury stress and fatigue, and help you to make "carpe diem" the leitmotif of your life. Will you like a cold drink or a snack?  Did you bring a hammock or umbrella?  If not, remember to rent them comfortably or go to the summer kiosks. Begin to take the first step to get closer to Marsala, the goal is not so far.

North Zone Beaches

North Zone Lungomare Beaches - Stagnone Reserve, San Teodoro, Marausa

The northern beaches on ​​the Marsala coast start from the Stagnone Nature Reserve.  These are beaches made up more suitable for children, with low tides and consequently the highest sea temperature.  They are located inside or adjacent to the protected area of ​​the reserve, where, in addition to swimming, you can relax and admire the nature that surrounds you.

Urban beaches

Marsala's urban beaches are just a few meters from the historic center.  You can walk to the "Boeo" beach or take a dip from the rocks of the "Due rocche" and then dry off and return to stroll through the streets of the city center.

These are Marsala's urban beaches nearest to the city. 

South Zone Beaches

The southern beaches of ​​Marsala are just a few kilometers from the center and it has numerous attractions. They are 14km of long sandy beaches with all the kinds of amenities that you can imagine. The beaches are free and with bathing establishments with all comforts.  There is access for animals, restaurants, bars, and lots of fun.  Now it's up to you to choose!

To get here you can take the bus, a private car, or by more ecological means such as bicycles or e-bikes.

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