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Planning your trip to Marsala.

Where is Marsala Located? Marsala is located in the westernmost part of Sicily, in the province of Trapani, an area rich with stories and events.

The city rises on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the sea that has witnessed ancient and legendary clashes between Punic and Romans. It is on the ruins that once belonged to ancient Punic cities.

Its geographical position makes it an excellent starting point for visiting all of Western Sicily and beyond. Trapani is just a half an hour north by car or train, and another half an hour north you will arrive at the Zingaro Nature Reserve, San Vito lo Capo. Palermo is about another an hour and a quarter north. 

From the south side of Marsala, is a half an hour by car or train, and there you will find Petrosino and Mazara in succession. Continuing you will arrive at the valley of the Temples of Selinunte.

On the western side of Marsala, and visible to the naked eye, you can admire the "Egadi archipelago" (Levanzo, Favignana, and Marettimo), which can be reached from the port in a half an hour by sea. Finally on the eastern side, you will enter the Marsala hinterland, a territory of large expanses of vines for wine production.

The city of Marsala, pearl of the western Mediterranean, deserves to be visited to admire its heritage, taste its gastronomy, discover all its cultural richness, and to enjoy its climate and vast beaches just ten minutes from the center.

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