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A way of saying "yes" in an unconventional way!

Say yes with the sand beneath your feet and the sound of a crystal-clear sea to accompany you. Or framed by the splendid salt pans of Marsala, symbol par excellence of the city, with the warm Sicilian sun kissing your skin or an orange-red sun reflecting in the water, now you can. An unforgettable wedding amidst breathtaking scenery.

Destination Wedding in Marsala amidst beautiful natural locations and places steeped in history. Stroll through the city's alleyways, strolling through history, where around the corner you will find monuments of immense beauty such as the baroque-style Piazza del Purgatorio, or be carried by the wind and caressed by the sea in truly unique and evocative settings.

Marsala offers romance and beauty. It offers hospitality and services for those who wish to say yes in an unconventional way.

A set of partners: from accommodation facilities to catering, from tours to the photographic service to immortalise this event, to the wedding planner to leave nothing to chance in order to say 'yes' so that everything is as perfect as it should be. The Destination Wedding is much more than a simple wedding rite to promise eternal love, it is already a holiday, it is already a honeymoon.

Because just a stone's throw from Marsala you can find the medieval village of Erice, the Tonnara di Bonagia, the Arab smells of Mazara del Vallo, the temples of Segesta, etc. I will only let you imagine the countless beauties surrounding Marsala.

Destination Wedding in Marsala is a reality that already exists and is improving and consolidating more and more over the years in order to always offer higher quality services.

We can offer you all this.

Thanks to our experience and in-depth knowledge of the island, we will organise a beautiful destination wedding in Sicily for you.

A unique wedding that speaks of you and allows you to fully enjoy the air, places and customs of this part of western Sicily.

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