Fine golden sand and crystal clear sea a few km from the center

The southern beaches of ​​Marsala are just a few kilometers from the center and it has numerous attractions. They are 14km of long sandy beaches with all the kinds of amenities that you can imagine. The beaches are free and with bathing establishments with all comforts.  There is access for animals, restaurants, bars, and lots of fun.  Now it's up to you to choose!

To get here you can take the bus, a private car, or by more ecological means such as bicycles or e-bikes.

Beaches and much more

The first free and pet-friendly beach you will encounter along the way is "Fortino."  Continuing forward, there is a succession of splendid beaches with attached bathing establishments, bars, and restaurants with sea views. It starts from the beach of the "Mediterraneo," then you will find the "Sbocco," which is also pet-friendly.  Adjacent, you will find the "Signorino" beach and lastly, only by distance, the beach of "Sibiliana" - a surfers' paradise when the wind blows.  According to many, this is the area with the most beautiful seascape. 

There are many exceptional restaurants that follow the precepts of Marsala cuisine, which is based on fish and seafood.  These small culinary treasures include couscous, fish soup, spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, raw fish, shellfish and much more.  We leave the rest to your taste buds to decide.

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