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An island where peace reigns.

Get ready for an excursion to Levanzo! You will not regret!

It is the smallest of the islands of the Egadian archipelago, with an area of just 5 square km. You can easily visit Levanzo on foot, admiring the typical fishermen's houses still unchanged over time.

Characterized by immense green panoramas, marvelous waters, and limestone rocks that are articulated along the entire coast, Levanzo is truly a place of peace, also thanks to the silence that reigns over the whole island.

Small yes, but with enough beaches to satisfy everyone's needs: Cala Minnola, surrounded by a pine forest and underwater archaeological finds at a depth of 30 meters, Cala Fredda, a small pebble beach accessible even to the little ones, Cala Tramontana, makes space between walls of red rock, Cara Faraglione, with an unparalleled view and among the 20 most beautiful beaches in Italy, and many other beautiful beaches of various kinds.

The most romantic island of the Egadi, it is also distinguished by the Grotta del Genovese: one of the oldest and most important archaeological sites in Italy, with evidence belonging to the Paleolithic and Neolithic. The rocky walls hold the most important treasure of prehistoric figurative art in Italy. The incisions made with flint date back to the Upper Paleolithic period, therefore around 11,000/12,000 years BC. They depict bovids, equines and even some human representation. The guided excursion has a duration of about two hours and is organized by sea or by land depending on the weather and sea conditions.

The simplest way to reach the island from Marsala is the hydrofoil departing from the port. The crossing lasts approximately 50 minutes. Or you can choose the option of circumnavigating the island by renting a dinghy or a boat or by taking a mini-cruise always departing from the port of Marsala.

If you love walking in the open air and trekking, Levanzo is the island for you!


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