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Parco delle Cave di Marsala

Via Margi, 6/d
Tuff block in quarry
Marsala Quarries Park - entrance to the park
Quarry Park Entrance
Tuff wall
botanical garden
marsala quarry park canion
grand canyon quarry of marsala
main quarry entrance
landscape seen from inside a quarry
inside tuff quarry
Touristic area:
Hinterland - East
Guided Tours

Diving in the Tufa

The Marsala Quarries Park, born from the passion of Leonardo and Anna Maria to re-evaluate an old disused sandstone quarry (in slang, 'tufo') by creating a small oasis where one can immerse oneself in a tour inside a past that gave rise to the foundations for the construction of our typical southern houses.

A hidden city that develops in terraces connected by roads and tunnels. Inside you can admire a play of light and shadow, generated by the work of ancient quarrymen, which are reflected or absorbed by the straw-yellow colour of the tuff, creating a landscape with a unique and evocative architecture similar to a small 'Grand Canyon'.

Inside the park, along the walkways, you will find typical Sicilian flora consisting of: wild thyme, dwarf palm, rosemary, capers, wild asparagus and much more. In addition, many protected birds, including the bee-eater, settle and nest in the crevices carved into the tuffs.

Anna Maria and Leonardo will be delighted to host you and give you a tour of the park on a unique day, explaining the history of tufa working and of the quarrymen, a trade that is now disappearing.


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Tour Overview

Guided tour inside the tuff quarries to discover the work of the quarrymen, from where houses, monuments and entire cities are born. Learn about the laborious work of the quarryman, which has changed over the years.

Get to know the spontaneous flora of the area, admire the architecture generated during the quarrying process by the quarrymen and the impressive landscape created.
The tour lasts 90 minutes including 15 minutes for an underground tour inside the tunnel quarries.


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Parco delle Cave di Marsala

Calcola Percorso


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