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Caruso e Minini

Via Salemi, 3
Caruso and MInini bottaia
Caruso and Minini atrio cantina (mini cantina)
Caruso and small vineyards
Caruso and Minini harvest
Caruso and Minini wine tourism barrels
Caruso and Minini cellar tastings
Touristic area:
Near the center

We are ready and enthusiastic about giving you a sensory experience - come and taste our wines!

Go ahead and book the tasting that best suits your needs.  Here you will learn more about the winemaking process, its stages, and the wonderful world of wine that unites us all at Caruso & Minini.

Our tastings are designed for both beginners and experts.  We combine the wine with culinary products of our territory and in our tradition. Each one is designed to make you completely immerse yourself in a journey that is full of emotions and pleasant sensations - which we hope will add to your personal baggage.

Our goal is to offer wines that let you taste Sicily through its authentic characteristic that distinguishes itself through each single grape, native, and / or allochthonous.  Abandon yourself to the 5 senses and let them guide you to discover Caruso & Minini!

Go to our website to choose your favorite tasting.

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Reservation is required. You can call us, send an email or through Whatsapp.

It is possible to create a tasting menu according to your needs.

Contact us for more information.



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Caruso e Minini

Calcola Percorso


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